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Help the victims of Hurricane Ida in El Salvador!
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In November and December 2009, Comité En Unión para Salvadoreňos (CEUS) collected funds to provide food for victims of Hurricane Ida in San Martin and San Pedro Perulapan, both of which were devastated by the storm.

Material aid packets with food and other goods funded by CEUS were delivered on Jan. 15 and 18, 2010 to 188 families.


You can read the details of the project proposal here (sorry, it's in Spanish).

The money was channeled through FUNDESA, a respected non-profit organization in El Salvador, FUNDESA (www.fundesa.org.sv). Here is their final report on how that money was spent.

CEUS has made a commitment to continue to raise funds to help the hurricane victims. Please make a donation to help the victims, who are desperately in need. You can make a donation by credit card from this page (see the box to the right).

Or you can send checks or money orders made out to CEUS, with the words “Hurricane Ida, ES” in the “For” line, to:

Comité En Unión para Salvadoreňos (CEUS)

PO Box 577, West New York, NJ 07093



A woman in Verapaz, ES, stands in front of her destroyed home.
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A woman made homeless by the hurricane rests in a shelter.

Please print out this fundraising flyer and post it at your work, church or other location.

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