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Help the victims of Hurricane Ida in El Salvador!
Photo of Salvadorans fleeing the devastation wreaked by the hurricane
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Dear Friend ,

Once again, El Salvador has suffered a natural disaster, wreaking death and destruction. Over the weekend of Nov. 7 & 8, a massive rainstorm moving in after Hurricane Ida devastated the western part of the Central American country. Floods and mudslides killed 200 people, left 10,000 people homeless and destroyed more than 250 homes. President Maurico Funes declared a national emergency.


Comité En Unión para Salvadoreňos (CEUS), a Union City, NJ,-based non-profit organization formed by Salvadoran war refugees, is collecting money to help victims of the disaster rebuild their lives. Please consider making a donation to help victims desperately in need of food and shelter.


Send checks or money orders made out to CEUS, with the words “Hurricane Ida, ES” in the “For” line, to:

Comité En Unión para Salvadoreňos (CEUS)

PO Box 577, West New York, NJ 07093


On this page, you will find links to news and information about the disaster. Please help us to help the victims of this terrible tragedy.

The CEUS Board of Directors
Photo of an immigrant community member collecting funds for disaster victims

On Nov. 22 CEUS held a collection drive to raise funds in Union City, NJ. Press photo to see slideshow.

Photo of a woman leaning over the coffine of her daughter, who was killed by the hurricane 
A woman cries over the coffin of her 15 year old daughter
Photo of a woman standing by her house destroyed by the hurricane in El Salvador 
A woman in Verapaz, ES, stands in front of her destroyed home.

Please print out this fundraising flyer and post it at your work, church or other location.

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